Exhibtion catalogue - Watermark
July 13, 2017 to October 7, 2017

3.00 €


Money Museum | Plano Tangente 2017

An array of multiple threads suspended over the altar sketch figures above our eyes. Overlapping as if watermarks, these lines shape a diffused image, distributed by layers and webs where one can distinguish plans of fortresses and of buildings. These are the plans of this site.
Carla Rebelo intertwines these textile drawings, creating an irregular sculpture
that evokes the core of the pre-existences, of the ruins and of their fragments.
In an almost ethereal texture, the artistic installation refers to the shape of the vault that was once beneath the altar, but also to a topographical map o Baixa, and yet to maps of a city once consumed by fire and sea.
Rock, dust, bone, light, illusion become references that the artist weaves to create a fabric of historical notes and common stories with a beginning, but not an end. Under the brightness of the Baroque architecture, three artistic installations show the ballast of history and the transitory nature of this place. One imagines the threads that connect the three pieces on display, tracing a route that unites the oval arch and its shadow, earth and sky, time and space.

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