Exhibtion catalogue - Tempus Fugit
November 10, 2017 to January 27, 2018

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Money Museum

In time, everybody’s time is gone

In bridging the past and the present, an archaeological exhibition inevitably invites one to ponder the very nature of human life, its boundaries, and its transience in the collective imagination.
Although they come in a variety of languages and purposes, exposition discourses on the testimonies of the Past never fail to reveal that although our physical existence is finite, Memory withstands the erosion of Time.
When the focus moves away from the artefacts and fixes instead on the anthropological remains themselves, which irrefutably prove human fallibility, the approach grows denser, especially when the factors at play have to do with generational and geographical proximity, which invite a more palpable identification between the researcher and theobject studied. As actors who share the same stage at different moments, the border between the sphere of the living and that of their forerunners is sometimes tenuous and raises questions outside the scientific field and the historical recovery of memory.
There, although human remains constitute, above all else, a set of technical data that must be interpreted, the thin curtain that separates the living from their forebears brings with it an issue of identity that is difficult to ignore and that is also often enhanced by the immutability of the scene. With these thoughts in mind, the Money Museum, which today occupies the Church of St. Julian, complements the history of the location by creating an exhibition on some of those who were here before, the population of the early 19th century who came to be buried here, revealing another chapter to the already lengthy story of the location as a sacred spot.

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