The Imperial Iberian Eagle (Portuguese only)

7.00 €


Carla Maia de Almeida

Considered to be the messenger between gods and humans, the eagle has always impressed Humanity by its magisteriality as queen of the heavens.
The Imperial-Iberian Eagle is one of the rarest birds in Europe. It only makes nest in some regions of the Iberian Peninsula and, during three decades, was considered extinct in Portugal. If you read this book, you will know this and much more about this bird that we want to help fly higher.
Because it is so special, the National Printing House-Mint decided to mint a new thematic currency, which will contribute directly to protect this endangered species. A portion of the proceeds of this book and of the coin goes to the Nature Conservation and Biodiversity Fund managed by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forestry. Queen of Ares. The Imperial-Iberian Eagle is the second book in the collection entitled "Endangered Species" and aims to ensure the preservation of endangered species in Portugal through knowledge and education.

Observations: The cover makes a fantastic poster about the birds of prey that exist in Portugal.

Museu Casa da Moeda - ICNM

August de 2018

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