Francisco de Holanda Badges

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Francisco de Holanda (1517-1584), a unique man in the history of Portuguese culture. Painter, designer, architect, illuminator, essayist, idealist, he was an intellectual in the full sense of the word.

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of his birth, the Museum is hosted a markedly graphic exhibition, which presents, across 3 zones, an overview of the life and work of this nationally and internationally recognised Renaissance artist, who contributed decisively to breaking with the Lusitanian mentality that had frozen in previous eras.

The sequence of Desire, Design and Drawing accompanies Francisco de Holanda’s physical and spiritual journey, registering the facets of a unique personality, marked by the ceaseless search for knowledge, and recording his contribution to the history of art, numismatics, military architecture and urbanism, highlighting the artistic and philosophical legacy of a humanist who dedicated his life to drawing, to projecting a new city of Lisbon, and writing about the artist and his role in society, the art of drawing and its virtues, plans to defend the city, and Europe and the world in the 16th century.

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