Archive - Luís Silveirinha

3.00 €


In Archive, Luís Silveirinha creates a series of drawings that reinterprets the coins of the Money Museum.
The transformation takes place on paper. The artist scrutinises the collections and creates enigmatic connections between the elements. Shapes proliferate and appear either isolated, as if in a pictorial alphabet, or they pile up, in an accumulating and mutating logic.
The drawings, of smaller and larger scale, show sides A and B, heads and tails, luck and bad-luck, avarice and fortune.
They convey the dual position of money represented in a series about the iconography of numismatics, of power and desire.
By scratching, in a process of material elimination, these drawings stand out on vinyl and wood records. The media refers to the notion of money circulation, transience, journey and movement. Onto the circles, shapes, silhouettes, object-symbols, letters and ghosts dance to the sound of an imaginary song, emerging from the black surface in repetition.
In these works, Silveirinha extracts, removes and subverts the collection's and the museum’s discourse, thus shaping a new, surreal, exotic, imaginary array.

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