Sic Transit Gloria Mundi - Pedro A.H. Paixão

3.00 €


Paulo Pires do Vale

These effigies, represented on drawings of coins, are part of a vast drawing work, using the color red, that Pedro A.H. Paixão has been developing since 2007. Ghostly and grotesque, these are portraits of a past beyond history, figuration, or recognition.

Portraits that reveal the coming and going of voices of this world, anonymous and glorious. Without name or kingdom, these figures subvert order and power when they are inscribed on coins and medals.

From Ahab’s folly, who, with the aid of a gold doubloon convinces his crew to commit themselves to the suicidal hunt of Moby Dick, to the recognition of the hobo nickel tradition, the artist proposes a notion of money that considers its narrative and representational structure and invests in a parable – to receive, to transform, to give – that is, in itself, also the parable of the artistic practice.

In these drawings we do not “coin” sovereigns, divinities or talismans, we give light and voice to essential figures that emphasize the value of partaking or human sharing.


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