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O Papel-Moeda em Portugal

The history of paper money in Portugal, from the so-called "escritos" of the Casa da Moeda, in 1687, to the banknotes issued in 1996. 

You may refer to the technical description and see reproductions of the "apólices pequenas", of the notes of the Banco de Lisboa, paper money issued in the 19th century by non-banking institutions, notes of issuer banks in the north of the country, bills of the Casa da Moeda, municipalities and other bodies, and notes of the Banco de Portugal. The book also includes a chapter on printing and issuing. 

The notes of the Banco de Portugal are extensively discussed here, including information on the plates, technical features, paper, size, signatures, issues and circulation. 

This second edition includes, in addition to the material published in the first edition, new examples of notes issued by other bodies by the end of the 19th century, as well as the latest issue of the Banco de Portugal.


Published in 1997 (2nd edition revised and updated in 2 vols.)


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