History of the Portuguese Banking System - Volume II

18.00 €


History of the Portuguese Banking System - From the Bank of Portugal’s Role as a Central Bank to the European Monetary Union – 1831-1998 - Volume II 

Nuno Valério (coordination)

This second volume of the History of the Portuguese Banking System is a follow-up  of the study made in the first volume and describes the evolution from the Bank of Portugal’s assumption of the role of a central bank, on 1 July 1931, to the launch of the European Monetary Union on 1 January 1999. 

As in the first volume, an attempt has been made to provide a broad outline of each period, highlighting the main features to be noted in the evolution of banking at both a world level and a European level, presenting the political, economic and monetary framework governing the evolution of the Portuguese banking system, analysing the main facts of this evolution and discussing the relationship established between the banking system and the Portuguese economy and society in general.


Published in 2010

Price: €35

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