O Banco de Portugal - Das Origens a 1914

30.00 €


O Banco de Portugal - Das Origens a 1914 - I Vol 

Jaime Reis

Giving continuity to the project started by Professor Damião Peres - with the publication, in 1971, of the issue on the Banco de Lisboa, and in order to celebrate its 150th anniversary, this new edition corresponds to an old aspiration th of the Banco de Portugal - to divulge its history. 

Resulting from several years of research, this first issue includes a lively description of the time in which the Bank was founded and its course since then. 

It analyses the economic and political progress of the country during the first half of the 19th century - the state of the public finances and the Banco de Lisboa, the financial companies, the public rebellions, the financial crisis, the birth of the Banco de Portugal and its first years. 

The volume is illustrated with reproductions of engravings, explanatory tables and an annex with the financial companies of the middle of the 19th century, and its main shareholders.


Published in 1996


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