Strait 1520 (collector coin)

7.50 €


The ‘Strait 1520' coin is only legal tender in Portugal and has the following features:

On the obverse: 

  • In the middle, the circumnavigation map;
  • Surrounding the design, the words ‘2020 Portugal’, ‘Circum Navegação’ and ‘1519-1522’;
  • In the lower left quadrant, the face value.

On the reverse: 

  • On the left, the image of two penguins;
  • On the right, the image of a ship;
  • Around the upper edge, the words ‘Fernãães’;
  • Around the lower edge, the abbreviation ‘INCM’, the name of the author and the words ‘Estreito 1520’.  

The issue limit was set at 50,000 coins with normal finish.

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