The value of trust in money

Exhibition catalogue - The value of trust in money
November 28 2018 to February 23 2019.

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Money Museum

Money is essential to the functioning of society. Goods, services, wages, taxes, and fines have their value set in currency. The value of the currency depends both on the guarantees that the central banks and the states offer, and on the confidence it inspires with the public.
Without trust, money has no value. But without a solid currency, confidence deteriorates. In this regard, Banco de Portugal plays a key role in maintaining confidence in the euro on several fronts.
The fight against counterfeiting is one of them. Through its Quality and Counterfeit Analysis Area, and especially the National Counterfeiting Centre, Banco de Portugal actively collaborates in the collective effort to prevent and fight the counterfeiting of euro banknotes and coins. Often invisible, this is a joint effort with a number of national and international partners, such as the Portuguese Criminal Investigation Police and the Eurosystem central banks, through which the Banco de Portugal has taken part in the history of combating such fraud that is as old as counterfeiting itself.
In this exhibition, the Money Museum fulfils a crucial objective of its action: informing the citizens about the central bank's issuing function, and its participation in the policies and activity of the Eurosystem, national mints and criminal investigation agencies, which proactively seek to preserve confidence in our currency.

João Pedro Vieira

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