Within/Beyond Borders

"Within / Beyond Borders - The Collection of the European Investment Bank at Banco de Portugal"

Temporary exhibition that took place between May 17 and September 4, 2014.

From a selection of the most notable works from the European Investment Bank’s contemporary art collection, the “Within/Beyond Borders” exhibition marked the public opening of the exhibition space of Banco de Portugal’s Money Museum in the former Church of St Julião in Lisbon’s historic centre.

The refurbishment of the former Church of St Julião was one of the most important urban regeneration projects carried out in Pombaline Baixa in recent years and shows Banco de Portugal’s commitment to offer the public a space for cultural enjoyment.

The European Investment Bank’s art collection offers a wide-ranging perspective on European contemporary art, reflecting different experiences and artistic expressions in Europe. It features works on various media by European artists of various nationalities, including the Portuguese artists Julião Sarmento, Pedro Cabrita Reis and Pedro Calapez.

The exhibition’s theme “Within/Beyond Borders” spoke for itself and encouraged reflection on the EU’s capacity to create synergies, while acknowledging the unique capabilities of individual countries.

The show’s theme and the ideas behind it: Explore the concept of borders through post-war EU art. The thematic approach – Within/Beyond Borders – lended itself to a wide-ranging examination of the development of European art over the last half century. It reflected a Europe inherently characterised by both dynamism and constraints.

The idea of frontiers – real or imagined, physical or in the mind – was omnipresent in this exhibition. A frontier can be seen as delineating space, time and discourse. It lends itself to contrasting thoughts about discipline or confinement on the one hand, and innovative exploration or breakthroughs on the other. The selection of art in this show aimed to explore both angles. It gave examples of the transcending of frontiers or crossing of borders – territorial, intellectual or artistic. It also investigated notions of spatial and visual limitations and confinement. In doing so, it tested ideas of the already explored versus the as-yet largely unexplored.

Comprising 28 works, the show offered both what are now mainstream historical examples and what are still considered to be more experimental works. To indicate the diversity of European artistic output, the show presented a wide variety of EU artists working in various media – painting, sculpture, photography, lightinstallation and work on paper.


Exhibition credits 

Coordination and exhibition programming
Banco de Portugal – Museum Unit
EIB – European Investment Bank

Banco de Portugal
EIB – European Investment Bank

Communication, translation and proof-reading, graphic design, technical support, security
Banco de Portugal

Vitor Vajão

PMJ Construções, Lda.

Transport and installation
Iterartis – Serviços para Museus e Transportes de Arte, Lda.

Lusitania Seguros


Temporary exhibition that took place between May 17 and September 4, 2014.
The Within / Beyond Borders exhibition marked the opening to the public of the exhibition space at the Banco de Portugal's Money Museum.

To date only the Interpretation Center of King Dinis' Wall had recently opened to the public.

More information to info@museudodinheiro.pt or +351 213 213 240

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