Money Museum

Designed by the Providência Design (concept) with Banco de Portugal (development), the museography is based on thematic rooms focusing on such subjects as: pre-monetary currency; money throughout the world and its history over the centuries; banknote and coin production; Banco de Portugal and its main tasks; and the role of money in the life of citizens.

The Money Museum offers a distinctly interactive experience that draws on multimedia technology to display its collection. Its unconventional museography is aimed at creating an alluring environment that ensures visitor participation and promotes knowledge building.

This museum is aware of its social role and also of the symbolic presence that it enjoys in the city as well as in the country; it is a place where contact with diverse audiences takes priority, and one that invests in educational and cultural programming, preserving strong ties to both the community and the city of Lisbon.

The Money Museum guarantees accessibility and satisfaction to its visitors at the social, physical, and cognitive levels. It is projected as a place of sociability that provides a variety of services and communication interfaces with the public: cafeteria, museum shop, conference room, centre for financial education, welcome areas, workshop rooms.

As it believes in the value of cooperation, the Money Museum aims to establish partnerships with other institutions and socio-cultural spaces in Lisbon. These partnerships will allow it to promote its activities; exchange ideas, collections, and projects; consolidate contact networks; or even facilitate the flow of audiences and of its collection. The underlying aim is to enrich the museum, secure visitor loyalty and, naturally, the participation of the museum itself in the society that not only hosts but also transforms it.

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