From Rome to Lisbon

From Rome to Lisbon is the first cultural program of the year 2020 of the Money Museum. What do these two cities have in common in addition to the seven hills? One possible answer is the relationship, always deep and intricate, with the Vatican. In April, the Museum opens yet another temporary exhibition, "Currency, Faith and Power. From the Vatican numismatic collection", where the Portuguese public will be able to see a selection of 46 coins and medals from the extraordinary medagliere of the Vatican Apostolic Library in dialogue with sacred art and documents from national collections.

March is dedicated to economy at the Money Museum - as if all the others were not! We challenge all citizenship to discover and understand the role of Banco de Portugal in citizens' lives. The new room of the Museum shows  in an accessible and interactive way what we do every day at the Central Bank.

April is the anniversary month and in partnership with the Lisbon Museum we offer a shared tour, where you can discover what is hidden under the streets that go from S. Julião (Money Museum) to Campo das Cebolas (Casa dos Bicos).

Throughout the entire program we will also have, as usual, activities for families, cinema, seminars, theater and music.

The season ends with the celebration of International Museum Day, to the sound of the Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross by Joseph Haydn, in a version for string quartet accompanied by texts by José Saramago.

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