Giving voice to utopia

This season we evoked a utopia made reality: the single currency, the Euro. Younger audiences knew no other currency; the younger ones still do not even know that one day parents and grandparents bought what they wanted with another coin. Thinking in all of them we celebrate 20 years of a currency that is the common symbol that every day makes us share gestures and decisions with 350 million Europeans.
Europe that we know today was born more than 70 years ago, as a post-war utopia. But it was especially in the last decade that the foundations of this political and economic project were more tested. Some of these moments are well visible in the exhibition (Euro) policies. Contemporary photography after 1999, which brings the New Bank's photography collection to the Money Museum.
Before going on vacation, you can visit the exhibition with the performance Other Modes of Seeing; to listen to the Iberian Orchestral Project played by musicians as young as the common currency; or to know the art and the Portuguese artists that appear in the money.
In the usual cycle of cinema, we are confronted with key moments of European cohesion. And on rentrée, we celebrate the European Heritage Days.
Throughout these four months, there are many opportunities to come to the museum and make yourself heard in the workshop (Euro) Todos or lift anchor with Fernão de Magalhães. A circumnavigation journey through the world of contemporary culture under the pretext of one of its common faces, the Euro.

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