Giving voice to places

Places are not physical spaces, they are spaces for the soul. They are spaces where we feel, with all our senses, the presence of the things and people that dwell in them and leave traces of matter and emotions behind. This season we are going to talk about the spirit of places, the experiences and stories that have taken place there, witnessed by ruins or voices that relate events and sensations.
With our initiatives, exhibitions, concerts, theatre, cinema and other creative events, we want to fill the museum with other places, references and meanings, conjugate the intimacy of the gesture with the vision of the artist, the prodigious narrative of the facts with the stories that are untold, unseen. 
From February, we invite you to visit the museum also on Sundays; from March, discover the new Financial Education Centre – a gallery fully dedicated to the theme that aims to raise the awareness of young people to managing their savings; in April come and celebrate the museum’s 3rd anniversary and in May, enjoy Museum Night.
In these first few months of 2019, the Money Museum challenges you to go on a journey to the places of your dreams, giving you what we know best: stimulating your desire for learning, for knowledge, encouraging discovery through careful observation, helping to think, act and feel. 


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