Giving voice to trust

Money is worthless if we do not believe in its genuineness. It was with this assumption that we developed the exhibition of this season.
Under the aegis of trust we have also prepared workshops, theatre, workshops, and a series of documentaries that question the impact of financial institutions 'decisions on citizens' lives.
If you want to visit the Museum in the company of children, there are unforgettable events in a cycle called See for Believe - which reflects on the importance of trusting to establish strong relationships with what surrounds us, whether reality or fiction.
The seminars follow the roadmap that in 2018 allowed us to get to know the best ages of the city. Now, in the middle of the 20th century, we will revisit the places that mark the capital from the establishment of the republic to the imaginary Lisbon of the future.
If your focus is on theme visits, the Museum also has a lot to offer, whether to come in a group and explore the educational side or to enjoy with friends, family or alone, the experiences and pieces that inspire us.
Believe me, at the Money Museum we do not look for certain answers, we prefer subjective realities.
We are interested in stories that give meaning to the world and maintain relationships between people and communities, such as stories about money and show us their real value.

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