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Watermark - Carla Rebelo

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Watermark - Carla Rebelo

Temporary exhibition that took place between July 13 and October 7 2017.

Within the scope of Plano Tangente: a program of temporary exhibitions of the Money Museum that aimed at disseminating the emerging artistic productions in various media. The program presented the work of Portuguese contemporary artists in dialogue with the museum architecture and the collections.


The exhibition featured 3 very different pieces, all linked to the memory of the site. Each installation established a relationship with the history of the old church of S. Julião, and alluded to the changes that occurred in the structure of the building and the urban plan where it is built.

In the installation Watermark, web and weave, suspended over the altar, they represent a succession of drawings of plants, the walls of Lisbon, the disappeared Patriarchal of D. João V, the church of S. Julião and the current museum.

The sculpture Untitled is simultaneously a drawing that results from the shadow that delineates the wooden structure. The shape replicates warhead windows that illuminate the nave through the dome. As if it were a fractured object, the piece recalls the period when the stones and stonework of the building were numbered so that the previous church could be transported and installed in another place, which never happened.

In the high choir we are surprised by a sculpture formed by 39 cobblestones in wood and mirror. The pieces, arranged on the pavement, traced the orthogonal lattice of Baixa and its “block buildings” rationally implanted during the Pombaline reconstruction. On the mirrors the drawing in black ink represents the map of Lisbon prior to the earthquake, an organic layout reflects the growth of the medieval city, from the castle hill to the riverside. The mirrored surface of this sculpture offers another level of reading: the abyss. The illusion is caused by the reflection of the nave's dome, which appears inverted and leaves us with clues for other interpretations.

Under the light of Baroque architecture, three installations evoke the memories of this place and invite the visitor to imagine the lines that unite elements and spaces: the warhead and the shadow; the earth and the sky; time and place; lightness and materiality.


Exhibition credits

Coordination, production and exhibition design and lighting
Museu do Dinheiro / Banco de Portugal

Architecture, design, graphics and communication project
Departamento de Serviços de Apoio / Banco de Portugal

Departamento de Serviços de Apoio / Banco de Portugal

Banco de Portugal

UH! Frases ilustradas e Mecânica Piedense

Departamento de Serviços de Apoio / Banco de Portugal


Watermark by Carla Rebelo
Temporary exhibition that took place between July 13 and October 7 2017.

During the course of the exhibition there were cultural activities about the exhibition.

Exhibition talk by Carla Rebelo
Saturday, July 15 at 4:00 p.m. (60 min.)
For adults and young people (+14 years old)

Conversations with artists and aurators by Carla Rebelo e Leonor Nazaré
Thursday, September 28 at 6:30 p.m. (90 min.)
For adults and young people (+14 years old)

Only in Portuguese
Advance booking required
For more informations contact us at info@museudodinheiro.pt or +351 213 213 240

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