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Cinema at the Museum - Portraits of Amazing Lives VIII

Free admission

Cruzeiros Seixas - As cartas do rei Artur (85 min.), Cláudia Rita Oliveira - Portugal, 2015

Between fiction and reality, four films transport us through a multitude of sounds and images to the heart of the life and work of exceptional Portuguese creators, artists and writers, as seen by sentimental, almost indiscreet cameras, pointed directly at the eyes, even intrusively. These documentaries are another form of portraiture. They amalgamate the body, the modus vivendi and the creative process in one, unfiltered, sometimes naked. So fragile and sublime in complicity that they leave us questioning the relationship between director and creator.

Cruzeiro Seixas - As Cartas do rei Artur (85 min.)
Cláudia Rita Oliveira - Portugal, 2015

Cruzeiro Seixas lives in a maze where every path leads to Mário Cesariny. Subdued by that obsessive love and hate relationship, Cruzeiro Seixos did not fully live, but left proofs of that non-existence: 95 years of paintings and poetry that await full recognition alongside other surrealist masters.

The film exhibition will be followed by a conversation with the director.


Cinema at the Museum - Portraits of Amazing Lives 
Documentary series (4 sessions), spoken in Portuguese
In collaboration with Zero em Comportamento 

Saturdays at 4.00 p.m.
13th of May, Pelas Sombras (83 min.)
17th of June, Ana Vieira, o que não é visto (56 min.)
15th of July, Autografia (104 min.)
9th of September, Cruzeiros Seixas - As cartas do rei Artur (85 min.)

For adults and youths (>14 years old)
Advance booking required 
For more information contact us at or at +351 213 213 240

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