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The renovation of the building of the Banco de Portugal’s head office, where the Money Museum/former Church of S. Julião is located - and which took place between 2010 and 2013 - provided a unique opportunity to investigate layers of history spanning centuries! Traces have been discovered from the Roman Empire to the XIX century. Objects, ceramic fragments, bones, and a medieval wall! The sections identified were part of King Dinis’ wall, which has been classified as a National Monument. At 700 years of age, it bears witness to landmark episodes of a king’s actions and the history of the city of Lisbon!



Article “One wall, several paths (PDF), by Artur Rocha, available in magazine rossio.estudos de Lisboa N.3: https://issuu.com/gabinete.estudos.olisiponenses/docs/rossio_3_issuo/194 (in Portuguese)

Article “Lisbon - Banco de Portugal”, in Portal do Arqueólogo (Archaelogist’s Portal): https://arqueologia.patrimoniocultural.pt/index.php?sid=sitios&subsid=2801043 (in Portuguese)

Newspaper article “Below the Banco de Portugal’s ground level there is a wall more than seven centuries old to be seen, by Inês Boaventura: https://www.publico.pt/2014/04/23/local/noticia/no-subsolo-do-banco-de-portugal-ha-uma-muralha-com-mais-de-sete-seculos-para-conhecer-1633229


Educational Resources online

>Theme: Archaeology
>One wall, several paths (PDF), Lisbon - Banco de Portugal” (link), “Below the Banco de Portugal’s ground level there is a wall more than seven centuries old to be seen (link)
>Secondary education (+14 years old)
>In Portuguese
>Sources: Gabinete de Estudos Olisiponenses, Archaelogist’s Portal and newspaper Público

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