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The making of money

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The making of money

What does it take to make a coin or a banknote? Who has designed the coins and notes we are using? Is money made in Portugal? Does it take money to make money?

Two short videos show many facts about the life of coins and banknotes: when the world's first paper money and coins began to appear; what metals were used to mint the first coins, what are the production processes, from the oldest to the newest, and much more!



The making of coins: from ancient times to the present” (video), available at: https://youtu.be/Q6ZDfzGQr88

The life of the banknote: from the first Chinese banknotes to the euro” (video), available at: https://youtu.be/hvca-VQy8xo

Money also has a price”, by João Miguel Salvador, December 2016, available at: https://expresso.pt/sociedade/2016-12-17-O-dinheiro-tambem-tem-preco (in Portuguese)


·     Educational Resources online
>Theme: The making of money
>“The making of the metallic coin: From ancient times to the present” (Video), “The life of the banknote: from the first Chinese banknotes to the euro” (Video), And “Money also has a price” (Article in newspaper Expresso)
>2nd and 3rd stages of basic education, secondary education (+11 years old)
>In Portuguese
>Free access
>Sources: Money Museum, Expresso

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