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The history of money

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The history of money

Dinheiros, ceitils, doubloons.... Deposits, foreign exchange, loans... what is money anyway? How did it come about? Why? Throughout the times, several solutions have been found to make transactions easier.

Let us understand how it has evolved from its origins, always in parallel with the present time. And can money divide or unite?



The History of Money” (PDF), by João Pedro Vieira, available at: http://www.acad-ciencias.pt/document-uploads/9307616_vieira,-joao-pedro---a-historia-do-dinheiro.pdf (in Portuguese)

Paper Money Exhibition” (link), available at: http://www.facm.pt/facm/facm/pt/museu-papel-moeda/Exposicao-de-Papel-moeda/Notas (in Portuguese)

Money” (link), available at: https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/galleries/money (in English)


Educational Resources online

>Theme: The History of Money
>The History of Money” (PDF), “Paper Money Exhibition” (link), “Money” (link)
>Secondary education (+14 years old)
>In Portuguese and English
>Free access
>Sources: The Academy of Sciences of Lisbon, Cupertino Miranda Foundation, and the British Museum


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