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Guided tour by the curators - two highlighted objects

Free admission

Curator guided tour to the temporary exhibitions "Pardal Monteiro (1897 - 1957) -  Architecture, pure and simple"  and " The Leal of Oporto of King Afonso V".

For the first time, the Money Museum unveils to the public two of the most important pieces from its collection: the mock-up of the head office project for Banco de Portugal by Porfírio Pardal Monteiro and a King Afonso V silver leal, minted in Porto.

In 1936 Pardal Monteiro designed a project that would transform the whole block where Banco de Portugal’s head office is located. From this visionary project with a breath of modernism, which never came to fruition, the Bank preserved the mock-up “sculpted” in plaster. A unique piece – kept far from the public gaze for decades – which was recently subject to painstaking conservation work. Brought into the light of day, this mock-up fascinates thanks to the minute detail of the masonry and ironwork. Above all, it fascinates because it is an affirmation of the unmistakeable lines of one of the greatest architects of the Portuguese modernist movement and a witness to the understanding Pardal Monteiro had of the Pombaline Baixa.

In a more intimate register, we also present a treasure from our numismatic collection: a King Afonso V silver leal minted in Porto. It is a coin that is unique in the world, there are no others in any country’s coin collections, or even in studies on the topic. It is a singular piece that can only be seen in Banco de Portugal’s collection, at the Money Museum.


Special visit
Guided tour by curator Margarida Cunha Belém to the exhibition "Pardal Monteiro (1897 - 1957) -  Architecture, pure and simple" 
and guided tour by curator João Vieira to the exhibition " The Leal of Oporto of King Afonso V".

Saturday, December 7 and January 18, at 3:00 pm (60 min.)

Advance booking required
Only in Portuguese
For adults and young people 14+

Other guided tours require advance booking

For more informations contact us at or +351 213 213 240


Perspective of Banco de Portugal viewed from Praça do Município
Project by Pardal Monteiro (1936-1937)
Coleção Estúdio Mário Novais - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Biblioteca de Arte e Arquivo

Observe of the leal of Oporto Of King Afonso V

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