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The value of trust in money

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The value of trust in money

Temporary exhibition that took place between November 28 2018 and February 24 2019.

Trust underpins social relations, it’s a value that brings stability, security and predictability to society. Trust is also essential for money – a strong currency deteriorates without trust.

In collaboration with other entities, Banco de Portugal performs a key role in preserving confidence in the euro, thereby continuing its long record of fighting against fraud, as old as money itself.

Trust, counterfeiting and security were the three highlights of this exhibition, presented in parallel with the museum's collection. Extraordinary tools, documents and objects provided a context for the topics, allowed the money we use every day to be tested using laboratory equipment, revealed the marks and secrets proving the genuineness of coins and banknotes, and demonstrated the physical characteristics that make the euro a secure and reliable means of payment.


Money is an essential tool for the functioning of the economy and society. Goods, services, wages, taxes, and fines, all have their value expressed in a certain amount of currency. The value of this currency depends on the guarantees that the central banks and the states offer, as well as on the confidence it inspires among citizens.

Without trust, money has no value, but if the currency is not perceived as solid, confidence deteriorates. The Banco de Portugal plays a key role in conserving and reaffirming confidence in the value of money on several fronts. The fight against counterfeiting is one of them.

It is mainly through the National Counterfeit Centre that the Banco de Portugal collaborates more actively in the collective effort to prevent and fight counterfeiting of the euro. Often invisible, this is a joint effort with a number of national and international partners, such as the Portuguese Criminal Investigation Police and the Eurosystem’s central banks, the European Central Bank and the European Commission in a large-scale network that even extends beyond to the euro area.

Present and past intersected in this exhibition, where the themes of trust, security, and counterfeiting in relation to money, from antiquity to the present day, are explored. Despite the progress of electronic payment methods and virtual currencies, banknotes and coins have, and will long continue to have, an impact on the daily lives of hundreds of millions of Europeans, offering them a practical, safe, and reliable means of payment.


Exhibition credits

Curatorship and museography
Museu do Dinheiro - Departamente de Comunicação e Museu/Banco de Portugal

Cultural programming
Museu do Dinheiro - Departamente de Comunicação e Museu/Banco de Portugal

Training, education and mediation
Museu do Dinheiro - Departamente de Comunicação e Museu/Banco de Portugal
Departamento de Emissão e Tesouraria/Banco de Portugal

Exhibition and communication design
Departamente de Comunicação e Museu/Banco de Portugal

Installation, audiovisual, lighting and security
Departamente de Serviços de Apoio/Banco de Portugal

Administrative support
Departamente de Serviços de Apoio/Banco de Portugal

Glory Box
Plásticos do Campo Grande


Conservation, restoration and digitization
Alçapão D'Ideias
Beltrão Coelho

John Huffstot



DGLAB - Arquivo Nacional da Torre do Tombo
Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda
Instituro Português de Qualidade - Museu da Metrologia
Arquivo Diplomático do Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros
Polícia Judiciária - Centro de Documentação e Arquivo e Laboratório de Polícia Científica


The value of trust in money
Temporary exhibition that took place between November 28 2018 and February 24 2019.

During the course of the exhibition there were visits special visits guided by the curator João Pedro Vieira, on Saturdays:

15th of December at 10:30 a.m. (90 min.)
12th of January at 2:30 p.m. (90 min.)
26th of January at 10:30 a.m. (90 min.)
23rd of February at 2:30 p.m. (90 min.)

On other Saturdays, the visits to the exhibition The value of trust in money will be guided by the education team at 4:30 p.m. (90 min.)

Only in Portuguese
For adults and young people 14+

For more informations contact us at info@museudodinheiro.pt or +351 213 213 240

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