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Carnival Special

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It's Carnival time!


Pirates and Buccaneers


Princesses of Portugal, Queens of Europe
Princesses are such precious treasures that they were even used as bargaining instruments... 
When they got married, they took the 'dowry', a trunk full of highly valuable items, as a gift to the groom!
But not all princesses are the same! On this museum tour we will introduce you to four: Leonor de Portugal, Isabel de Portugal, Catarina de Bragança and Maria Bárbara de Bragança, princesses that came to be queens because they married kings from other countries.
Were their lives a bed of roses? Dancers, warriors, scholars, spies, mothers. These are some of the things that these ladies had to be in representing Portugal, and they did not always live happily ever after!
With the help of a book and certain coins, we will tell you their stories.





Carnival Special - For Families
Saturday, 10th of February

Pirates and Buccaneers, at 10.30 a.m. (90 min.)
Princesses of Portugal, Queens of Europe, at 2.30 a.m. (90min.)

Recommended for ages 6+
Only in Portuguese
Advance booking required

For more information contact us at or at +351 213 213 240

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